About Us

Scikeeda Tech&Edu is a one-stop destination for students and around the world.  We aim to create a platform to bring together people and researchers from around the world to be able to connect, communicate, and share knowledge with each other.

Education and Technology is the most essential need for society today, yet it is plagued with several pressing issues. These issues have been attempted to be solved but without a detailed understanding of the problems and a comprehensive approach.

As education is cutting through the various layers of social structures, several gaps in education skew the playing field in favor of the privileged. 

Scikeeda Tech&Edu was conceived with the vision to overcome these obstacles by creating a global community of scholars to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources and sparking discourses on the various bodies of knowledge.

We love to help students who have no idea what they should do after the 12th class or what they should learn about. Scikeeda Edu is only made for students and for those who are looking for product reviews.

If you want to contact us, visit our contact us page or send us a mail, we are ready to help students and seekers who are struggle to achieve their goals. 

We have four-year experience in “Career Growth” and we want to build a student community online to reach more students and make a better and educational world. 


Scikeeda Tech

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